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Personal data notice

1. General provisions

PPH EUROMAC Jacek Trznadel, hereinafter referred to as “EUROMAC Company,” respects all visitors’ privacy provisions to our website. Therefore, we would like to inform you what data is collected and how we use it. You will also find out how to exercise your rights as data subjects.

Any changes made to this Personal Data Notice will be published on this website. That way, you can read at any time what data we collect and how we use it.
The Personal Data Notice does not apply to websites accessible through hyperlinks on the EUROMAC website.

2. Collection, use, and processing of personal data

Name of entity: PPH EUROMAC Jacek Trznadel

Address of entity: 2 Piekarska Street, 81-193 Gdynia, Poland

EUROMAC uses personal data mainly to make this website accessible to users. Any further processing of the data occurs only in connection with other legal obligations or approvals or if the user has given EUROMAC his consent. EUROMAC retains and processes data for the following purposes:

When users visit the website, EUROMAC automatically collects and records specific data. These include the IP address or device identifier assigned to the particular terminal device that we need to send the requested content (e.g., mostly content, texts, images, product information and data files made available for downloading, etc.) Also, the users’ activity concerning the website, the type of terminal device concerned, the type of browser used, and the date and time of the visit.

EUROMAC retains such information for a maximum of 7 days to identify and prosecute any abuses.

EUROMAC also uses this information to improve the website’s appearance, features, functionality, and general administrative activities.

As soon as they are no longer needed for these purposes, EUROMAC removes or anonymizes, without undue delay, data related to the site’s use, including IP addresses.

The processing and use of the data are based on legal provisions that justify such actions by the fact that (1) the processing is necessary for the operation of the website; or (2) it is in the overriding legitimate interest of EUROMAC to ensure and improve the functionality and the flawless operation of the website and to adapt it to the needs of users.

3. Sub-processing of personal data

Table with a query (Contact form:

In our contact form, you could enter your contact details (Contact form We will use this data to respond to your query.
The processing and use of your data are based on the statutory provisions that justify such action because the processing is necessary to handle your request.

Suppose you have not consented to data storage for a more extended period, for example, in our stakeholder relations management context. In such a case, we will only store data for the period necessary for this purpose or the required period in the event of any statutory data retention obligations.

4. Cookies

To make our website easier to use, we use cookies. Cookies are small files with information used by Websites stored on your computer’s hard drive. They are necessary to use our website. Cookies do not contain personal data and cannot be used to determine the identity of the user. A cookie usually contains a unique identifier – an anonymous (randomly generated) number stored on the device. Some of them are deleted at the end of the session in the browser, and others stay on the computer longer.

Types of cookies used on our website

  • First-party Cookies
  • First-party cookies come from the website you are visiting and are used when you return to that website.
  • Third-party Cookies

Cookie files of other companies are used on the website by other entities whose services we use. For example, we may use external analytics services, and then suppliers use cookies on our behalf to track your use of the site. The site you visit may also contain content associated with, for example, YouTube, which in turn may use its cookies.

Why should I allow cookies?

The information contained in cookies is used to improve the service provided to you, for example:

  • enabling to identify the device from which you are browsing the site, so you don’t have to give the same information several times during a session, e.g., by filling out an online form or an online survey
  • supporting the MyCollection functionality
  • enabling proper functioning of video players
  • determining the number of users using the site, changing the services so that they are easier to use, and ensuring that they work quickly; analyzing non-personalized data to understand
  • how users interact with different aspects of our online services to improve them.

What if I do not accept cookies?

If you do not accept cookies, some features on the website will not display or work properly. The lack of cookies will limit the website’s available options and affect its appearance and comfort of use.

Examples of functions that may not work properly:

  • MyCollection functionality
  • personalized website
  • watching movies
  • “Like” option and sharing the site on social networking sites
  • display of embedded content

Cookies on this website
Cookie policy

“cookiesAccepted”- Cookie

This type of cookie stores information about the user’s choices regarding permission to use cookies

“myCollection” – Cookie

MyCollection Cookie files are used to store the numerical IDs of the contents of your collection. If the user does not agree to cookies, access to the content is not possible. When you choose from the MyCollection section, the IDs are transferred to the server and evaluated there. And only this information is used.


Some cookies are used to store anonymous information about the user. This information is used to provide content tailored to your preferences.
EUROMAC has no control or responsibility for the cookies of other companies. Please visit the websites of these companies for more information.
It is possible to change the settings for cookies in all modern browsers. These settings are usually found in the Options or Preferences menu of your browser. To better understand the settings, you can use the links below; otherwise, please use the Browser Help option for more details.

You can also see for more information about changing the settings in different browsers.

5. Tracking the use of websites

No consent to data collection

You may object to the collection and storage of data by the website by clicking the link below: with a note:
“I do not consent to the storage of data.”

You may also object to the storage of cookies and disable their storage using the appropriate settings in your browser; however, please note that you will not be able to use all the functions of this website to their full est.

6. Your rights as a data subject/data protection office

You can exercise your right to access your data at any time. Also, you may exercise the following rights, provided the relevant requirements are met:

  • Right to rectify data
  • Right to delete data
  • Right to limit processing
  • Right to file a complaint with the applicable data protection supervisory authority
  • Right to data transfer (from 25 May 2018)

Right to object

In case of processing of your personal data based on a legitimate interest of EUROMAC, you have the right to oppose such processing of such data at any time, for reasons related to your personal situation. EUROMAC will stop such processing unless it can prove that it is necessary for essential causes that justify the further processing and must be put before your interest, rights, and freedoms, or if the processing is to claim or make legal claims or defending against them.

In such cases or the event of other questions or requests relating to your data, please send an e-mail or a letter to our Data Protection Officer at: PPH EUROMAC Jacek Trznadel, ul. Piekarska 2, 81-193 Gdynia, Poland (e-mail: